I want to …

I want to travel by sea,
and be a captain of a boat,
I want to be free,
One with the wind and not via remote!

I want to travel by land,
and be a conductor of a train,
See different cultures first hand,
Enjoying the snow, sun and rain!

I want to travel by air,
and be a pilot of a plane,
Steering from my chair,
The sky I shall reign!

Forgive me when I whine

Forgive me when I whine,
When I do not get my way,
When I think my life is not fine,
When I think my world is gray,

Forgive me when I whine,
For the lack of money,
For the lack of gold that shine,
For the lack of of luxury,

Forgive me when I whine,
For I forget to be grateful,
For I forget that it’s actually fine,
And that my life is already full!

The news!

The news was shocking,
So shocking, I cried,
Natural disaster had come knocking,
And children had died!

These children could have been mine,
These parents could have been us,
Such heartbreaking time!
For them and the nation, thus!


(In remembrance of the victims of the Sabah Earthquake, 5 June 2015)

My child …

My child, curling like a ball,
You were so small,
You stayed within your mummy,
Safe and sound in her tummy!

My child, you stretched and wiggled,
Making your mummy giggled,
As mummy’s belly got bigger,
You too became stronger!

My child, the day you were born,
I could have sworn,
My heart burst with so many emotions!
Among all, it’s love that’s deeper than the oceans!

My child, I love you!

When I was …

When I was Five and small
I wanted to be a fighter
I would win in all the brawl
Making my enemies all bitter

When I was Ten and tall
I wanted to be a dancer
Dancing at every ball
The most graceful performer

When I was Fifteen and thin
I wanted to be a fencer
With my foil, I would win
Sparring as graceful as a dancer

When I was Twenty and pretty
I wanted to be a human
Helping others in the city
A good and righteous young woman!

Now that I am of middle age
I realised life is hard
The world is just a stage
And I am no bard!